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Informations about several versions of the Floppy-Speeder Professional-DOS

In the process of collecting informations about the Floppy-Speeder system Professional-DOS, several scan pictures, ROM images and utility disks have been made, extracted and found. This area is used for distinguishing between different versions of the hard-, soft- and firmware of Professional-DOS.
The initial version

This was a name choosed for the hard- and software revision, that I got from a friend. Because of some remarkable strings and version identifiers in the drive kernal ROM, it is supposed to be one of the first versions of Professional-DOS, if not a prototype.

Further informations about this version got their own area, because it was used for the second aspect of this site, to reconstruct the exact technical data and internal working of this speeder system. Get these informations from the Hardware area.

The »Release« variants
A Professional-DOS user asking for some help for his defective speeder hardware provided some scans and the utility disk of Professional-DOS. It could be identified as one of the later series »Professional-DOS Release«.

According to a german advertisement he sent also, the different Release variants of Professional-DOS can be distinguished from version number 2 to 7. Version number 1 means the old hardware revision of Professional-DOS, that was only available for the C64 and the C1541 floppy disk drive. Release 2 can only be used with the C1541 floppy drive in combination with a C64, C128 or C128D.

Later Release versions brought support for the C1541-C floppy drive (Releases 2C, 3C and 4C), the C1570 (Release 5) and the C1571 (Release 6). While some versions need a special expansion port cartridge (Release 3, 3C, 5 and 6) most of them are designed to use a parallel cable at the user port (Release 4 and 4C) or extend an existing (user port) system like SpeedDOS (+) (Release 2 and 2C). Release 7 seems to be only a »virtual« one, meant as order number for a replacement of Version 1 to Release 2.

In 1988 new revisions of the Release variant with slightly modified board revisions and new kernal versions went to the market. In germany they were sold by VTS Data then. An own section for these late series boards and kernals got the name »VTS Release«.

ROMs and utilities
This sections contains ROM image files, utility disks and different utilities that have been collected elsewhere in the net or from other sources. Because descriptions of the appropriate hardware is missing, all these different pieces have been consolidated into one section.
This section contains some other pictures of the Professional-DOS hardware or its components out of magazine articles or advertisements.

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